• Live in Prague 2019 - Run Through The Jungle cover

  • Mir Sibiri 2019 fest gig - Tutturbain Chorza Chorza

  • Mir Sibiri 2019 fest gig - Mir Sibiri official song by Yat-Kha

  • Yat-Kha - Ethno Port Poznan Festival 2013

  • Yat Kha - St. Petersburg Rock Festival 1997

    Historical event! In 1997, the St. Petersburg Theatre "DDT" organized the festival "Rock 97 ". It took place in DC "Yubileyuniy", and it was attended by DDT, Oleg Garkusha, Tequilajazz, Korol i Schut, Streets, Bitte - Dritte, Behemoth, Sport, Gray , Kamikaze Pilot , Dostoevsky, Mitya Shahin, Kolya Vasin, Zimov'e Zverei, Timeout , Sergei Rizhenko and Football, Sergey Danilov and Black Cat, Meantraitors, KS, Beck Khan ( Grozny), APM (Novgorod), Chufella Marzufella, AU Orchestra, Exit, Slava Zaderiy and Magna Mater, Drushki, Tanks, Splin, Revolver (Petrozavodsk), Strange Games, The Brothers Karamazov (Kiev), Die braut haut ins auge ( Hamburg), Aubert Mannequin (New York), Yat-Kha (Tuva) , Trinity (Minsk) . The organizers main idea was that famous rock group represented for the listeners two or three young or just little-known performers , that is, given a "start in life".

  • The anniversary concerts of the legendary superdrummer Eugeny "Rasputin" Tkachev

    3rd of March in the Tuva Music and Drama Theatre group "Yat-Kha" gives a concert in honor of 55 anniversary of the drummer Evgeny Tkachev aka "Rasputin." The program also involves old friends Eugenia, such as Lu Edmonds. Sergei Sokolnikov ensemble Oktay and others. Next, plan a series of concerts in different cities of Siberia. During the concerts will be sold new CD "Live in Stray Dog"

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