• 1/7/13

    Happy New Year!

    Dear friends! Congratulations with New Year and all other holidays! Peace, Harmony and Joy! In this year we plan to do a tour in France ( July), some summer festivals in Russia and, of course, will be more concerts where we wait you with love and tenderness!!!
  • 11/27/12

    Happy Birthday Albert Kuvezhin!

    Happy Birthday Albert Kuvezin!Fans from around the world wish Albert Long and successful years, the powerful health and clear sky above the head!!!
  • 11/7/12

    Small clarification concert schedule for the fall of 2012

    Do not miss the concert in Novosibirsk, at the "Rock City" club on 22nd November at 19.00 and at the "Integral" club on 20th November at 20.00More information can be found here and here.
  • 9/11/12

    Additional concert dates for autumn 2012

    September 15, 21:00 - Live in NIIKuDA (Novosibirsk). October 24, 21:00 - TASS club (Barnaul) October, 28, 20:00 - Ever Jazz club (Ekaterinbourg) November 1, 20:00 - Concert at Aurora club (St. Petersburg). Stay tuned and wait for you at our concerts!
  • 7/10/12

    Confirmed dates for upcoming Yat-Kha gigs autumn 2012

    Confirmed dates for upcoming Yat-Kha gigs autumn 2012: 03.11.2012 - "Global" Club, Copenhagen, Denmark​component/content/article/​34-yootheme/375-yat-kha-tuva 09.11.2012 - "Etnosoi" Festival, Helsinki, Finland​index.php?page=Yat-Kha We look forward to seeing you at our concerts!
  • 7/9/12

    Yat-Kha concert at the festival Mir Sibiri will be 07/14/2012 at 22:40 to 23:20

    Yat-Kha concert at the festival Mir Sibiri will be 07/14/2012 at 22:40 to 23:20 And a little explanation, because the asking - this year's festival Sayan Ring renamed Mir Sibiri due to changes in the format of the festival and even what it causes. We are waiting for you at the concerts of the group!
  • 7/7/12

    Confirmed for the "Mir Sibiri" Festival

    Confirmed for the "Mir Sibiri" Festival, which will be held from 13th to 15th July 2012 in Shushenskoye, the Krasnoyarsk region. The exact time of presentation and the program a little later, just write to all fans - you'll see and listen a luxurious surprise over there. More information about the festival here
  • 5/21/12

    Concert plans for nearest future

    Negotiations are going about possible Yat-Kha's participance at festivals "The World of Siberia" in Shushenskoye on July,13-15th and "The Night of Silver Moon" in Vladivostok on 24-25th of August. On autumn there are plans for the tour over Siberia, festival in Finland, concerts in Saint-Petersburg and Lithuania.
  • 4/12/12

    The album Yenisei-Punk is available for listening and downloading online!

    We know that you are love very much debut album project Yat-Kha in the form in which you know us, so we inform you interesting news - the album is now available for download from the resource!;863648;4
  • 3/4/12

    Once again, Hurrah Eugene "Rasputin" Tkachev!

    Congratulations to the legendary musician, permanent member of the Tuvan Rock Supergroup and planetary good "Yat-Kha" Eugene "Rasputin" Tkachev to the rank of "Honored Artist of Republic Tuva"!Guys, this is really cool!
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