• 6/6/13

    Concerts in the summer of 2013

    So summer has come and we have a date confirmed concerts at this wonderful time of the year:   09.06.2013 - Ethno Port Festival, Poznan, Poland. 28-29.06.2012 - Rock Festival Line, airport "Bakharevka", Perm, Russia. As always waiting for you at our concerts!
  • 4/2/13

    Announce a new date and place of the concert in Tomsk!

    Yeah!!! Tomsk still on the tour schedule! Announce a new concert in Tomsk - April 9 at 20:30 in Comedy-pub "END Frunze", in the city of Tomsk. More information here - Tomic, we go to you!
  • 3/28/13

    The concert in Tomsk is canceled for reasons independent of the group.

    Unfortunately the concert 09.04 - Tomsk, "Young People's Theater" (19.00) is canceled for reasons independent of the group. We apologize Tomic, who wanted to see the band and of course you can see us some other time and again and again!  
  • 3/6/13

    The last and the first record of a sale right now and right into your home!

    We have some CD's "The Ways Of Nomad. The Best Of Yat-Kha" and "Yenisei-Punk" for sale. Since we do not run on a number of technical reasons, an online store, then on the purchase please email:
  • 2/28/13

    Spring tour 2013

    Since March, 22nd the band starts their spring tour over Siberian cities. See details and more info at  "Performance" section.  
  • 2/15/13

    Happy Birthday Opycham!!!

    Today Happy Birthday permanent member, the author of many interesting music and ideas, almost all the rhythms and musical knocks of the band , a man hugging his giant soul world and smiling to everyone - Eugene "Opycham" Tkachev! We wish him a long life, even more interesting ideas, good health, bright sun overhead and a sea of ​​warm and friendly wishes from all of you.
  • 2/10/13


    Happy White Moon! Wish you Open Road, Good Luck, Peace and Harmony! Shagaa-bile! Sagaalganar! Tsagaan Sar!
  • 1/7/13

    Happy New Year!

    Dear friends! Congratulations with New Year and all other holidays! Peace, Harmony and Joy! In this year we plan to do a tour in France ( July), some summer festivals in Russia and, of course, will be more concerts where we wait you with love and tenderness!!!
  • 11/27/12

    Happy Birthday Albert Kuvezhin!

    Happy Birthday Albert Kuvezin!Fans from around the world wish Albert Long and successful years, the powerful health and clear sky above the head!!!
  • 11/7/12

    Small clarification concert schedule for the fall of 2012

    Do not miss the concert in Novosibirsk, at the "Rock City" club on 22nd November at 19.00 and at the "Integral" club on 20th November at 20.00More information can be found here and here.
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