• 1/28/14

    So, here we go now.

    Next: 20th February at 20.00 - Vologda, Russia, club "Hurdy-Gurdy" and the long-awaited and frequently-asked - 22nd February at 20.00 - St. Petersburg, Russia, club "Backstage". Hooray Comrades! We'll waiting for everyone!
  • 1/26/14

    We start the new year with exciting concerts!

    So, we start the New Year with good news about two very interesting concerts of the group : 9 February - Live in DK im. " Kadysheva " ( Abakan , Khakassia, Russia ). Starting at 16.00. Expected an incredible concert with participating group longtime friend , and Worldmusic godfather and just amazing musician and person Lu Edmonds . Try to get there - what will then tell your children and grandchildren! 21 February - Concert at the Central House of Artists ( Moscow, Park Kultury , October , Krimsky Val, 10 /14) ) . Starting at 19.00. Already, for the Moscow show, you can buy tickets...
  • 11/26/13

    Performance of the group Yat-Kha in Kyzyl (Tuva) at the Plaza Arata 28.11.2013

    Head of Department of Culture Department of Art and Culture City Hall Nurguyana Kichkin Kyzyl-Macari said that the square on the stage at 16.30 to begin a holiday concert, "highlight" which will be the band's "Yat-Kha". The culmination of the evening will be a laser show.
  • 9/6/13

    Ability to seen Yat-Kha in action.

    For example we all remember (although someone may or may not even know) that the super-Ethnic group Yat-Kha cuts tomorrow (September 7th) in Kyzyl, Republic of Tuva, an area Arata? Well, if even those who did not know that now it is certainly nowhere to go - you have a day to buy a ticket and get to the amazingly beautiful and welcoming Tuva to see the legend of the world of ethno-rock in action. Wellcome in general! There's going to be great!
  • 8/21/13

    New concert dates for the summer/autumn of 2013

    Travelling in a group this year are gaining momentum and one of the last concerts of the cold Siberian summer will be a concert on the ethno-festival "Toratau" in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the 25th of August. Is a magical place will act at the foot Taratau mountain (near the village of Urman-Bishkadak Ishimbay district) More information here - International Ethno Festival Toratau   Next, the group plans to visit Japan. The dates previously are: 13th September - Kyoto, Crucifixion 15th of September - Osaka, Kawachinagano. Municipal Cultural Center Lovely Hall 16th of...
  • 7/17/13

    Congratulations Monguch Sholban with birth of daughter!!!

    Our musician Monguch Sholban daughter was born, with which we congratulate him! We wish Mom and baby good health and bright easy way in life for the little girl! Hello new person on the planet Earth!
  • 7/11/13

    New tour dates for the summer of 2013

    New tour dates for the summer of 2013: July 25-28 - Baikal World Music Fest (Arshan, Republic of Buryatia), more information can be found here - August 2 - the festival "Way to itself" (Park "Ethnomir", Kaluga region), more information can be found here - We are waiting for you at our concerts!
  • 6/6/13

    Concerts in the summer of 2013

    So summer has come and we have a date confirmed concerts at this wonderful time of the year:   09.06.2013 - Ethno Port Festival, Poznan, Poland. 28-29.06.2012 - Rock Festival Line, airport "Bakharevka", Perm, Russia. As always waiting for you at our concerts!
  • 4/2/13

    Announce a new date and place of the concert in Tomsk!

    Yeah!!! Tomsk still on the tour schedule! Announce a new concert in Tomsk - April 9 at 20:30 in Comedy-pub "END Frunze", in the city of Tomsk. More information here - Tomic, we go to you!
  • 3/28/13

    The concert in Tomsk is canceled for reasons independent of the group.

    Unfortunately the concert 09.04 - Tomsk, "Young People's Theater" (19.00) is canceled for reasons independent of the group. We apologize Tomic, who wanted to see the band and of course you can see us some other time and again and again!  
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