New album from Yat-Kha drummer Eugene Tkachev!!!



We absolutely wonderful news - percussion and rhythmic heart of the group Yat-Kha Eugene "Rasputin" Tkachev decided to surprise the world of rallying summarizing his long solo career - a new, completely unbelievable cd "".

Here a bit of said Maxim from Sketis Music (which by the way thanks for the invaluable contribution to the development of capabilities deliver messages Orus Shaman to the world):

"" "- the result of many years of drummer and percussionist group Yat-Kha Eugene Tkachev (Opycham) known as Rasputin. The album was recorded in Tuva, in a secluded Old Believer village Erzhey, on the banks of the Yenisei River, as well as on a long journey of the author on the world . Combining the three thematic album "stihi", "Matra" and "upper monastery", the album reflects the cultural traditions of various world religions - Russian Old Believers, Buddhism and shamanism, and over these religions the main line comes the theme of unity between man and nature. It is symbolic supremacy Nature is presented as a series of sound lining, as rain, fire, the sounds of birds and insects, the sound of the creek. "

We can add that the cds have, over the acquisition of real, live album from the author and not those of your those mpthree or (god bless the scientists) losless - contact us.

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