Announcements of the band's summer 2015.


So, we have confirmed the dates on the band's summer 2015:


July 23, at 20.00 in London, but rather in a concert hall RichMix you see Albert Kuvezhin, Sholban Mongush and more will join them DJ Penny Metal. Should be interesting.

More information can be found here - Yat-Kha and DJ Penny Metal Event at RichMix


July 24 at 20:15, the entire group can be seen at the festival Paleo in the Swiss city of Nyon.

More information can be found here - Yat-Kha at Paleo.


July 25 at 3 am the group will delight all fans of unusual music festival FMM Sines in the Portuguese town of Porto Covo. It will be very cool!

More information can be found here - Yat-Kha at FMM Sines.


And for residents of Russia we'll whisper that during the festival "World of Siberia" (Shushenskoye, Russia) Evgeny "Rasputin" Tkachev all three days will wander where nearby and anyone will be able to say hello to them, speak 'bout anything and even a play some jams.


Peace and Love!

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