YAT-KHA and Buguldeis in Irkutsk


Country: Russia
City: Irkutsk
Venue: Club 'Mamai'
Date: March 28, 2014
Start: 21:00

The final event of the festival "Herd of Winds"! 
In the club "Mamai" (16 Sedova Street, Irkutsk) there will be the band 'Yat-Kha' show and the city Buguldei hangout! 

Juicy party under ethno-rock sound, a very exclusive festival shootings demonstration, mediafair, live Buguldeis and the Baikal ice. 

Crazy aesthetes, funny gourmets, project friends and beauty lovers are welcome! 

Hurry up! The seats are limited. 
Call 500-560 (Irkutsk) and book tables right now!

The entrance is 500 rub. 

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