Upcoming "Yat-Kha" concert at the festival "Herd of Winds" (Baikal)


What is a "Herd of Winds"?


From February 1 to March 22 in the village Buguldeika , on the shore of Lake Baikal , the master of ice sculptures from around the world will grind out a herd of 384 ice horses.


Why 384? So many days in the coming Year of Horse.


Flying celestial horses will race days in nine herds under the leadership of nine stallions - nine winds of Lake Baikal.

Horse - messenger of the gods, the mediator between worlds, revered in all cultures around the world. Horse symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, nobility, light, dynamic force, agility, quickness of thought, the passage of time, wind and sea power, the Sun and the Universal cosmogony.

Ice - zero state of the water. Melt water - the purest in the world . In the state of ice water stores information, and when water melt - carries her to the world ocean.

Wind is the air element. Wind - heart of oak and a scorcher , the embodiment of talent, the imagination and creative inspiration.

He is characterized by cheerfulness , mischief , his foundation - freedom . He does not burden yourself commitments. He loves to play, rather, he lives effortlessly. However, the wind - it's intelligence, thought, is not limited scope templates , collection and collation of information. The wind traditionally associated with the East and yellow spring.

Therefore, it is the vernal equinox happens main sacrament festival "Releasing of ice herds"!

Spirits of horses instill in igil of Sholban Mongouch and electric guitar of Albert Kuvezhin. And , driven by the wind , the heavenly herds rush on to the sun, to the East. Shaman's roar "Yat -Kha" open the gates between worlds for them.

Want to see and hear? Book your tickets to become a party to this amazing event!

Phone: + 7 9149335314 ( Guzel )

Ticket price when buying in advance - 500 rubles, when buying on the spot - 700 rubles.

Agree on the trip and accommodation - 65-07-65 (Denis ) .

Details - on the event website.

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