We start the new year with exciting concerts!


So, we start the New Year with good news about two very interesting concerts of the group :

9 February - Live in DK im. " Kadysheva " ( Abakan , Khakassia, Russia ). Starting at 16.00.

Expected an incredible concert with participating group longtime friend , and Worldmusic godfather and just amazing musician and person Lu Edmonds . Try to get there - what will then tell your children and grandchildren!

21 February - Concert at the Central House of Artists ( Moscow, Park Kultury , October , Krimsky Val, 10 /14) ) . Starting at 19.00.

Already, for the Moscow show, you can buy tickets online here at this link or by phone +7(495)730-730-0

Hurry up , there may be left something else (it's about tickets? for sure).


See you at our concerts!

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