• 2/13/19

    New concert dates.

    Hello to all! We have new concert dates, so hurry up to schedule time and buy tickets. 02.26.2019, 8.00 pm - Art Pub, Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia 02.27.2019, 8.00 pm - Concert Hall "Aurora", St. Petersburg, Russia 03/01/2019, 8.00 pm - "The Glass of Zyuzino", Moscow, Russia Come necessarily, we will be glad to see you at our performances.
  • 2/5/19

    Shagaa Bile! Happy New Year, friends!

    Shagaa Bile! The group Yat-Kha congratulates all our friends and those who walking past with the coming New Year in the Eastern Calendar! We wish you more good news, more clean thoughts, even more good music and pleasant emotions!
  • 1/28/19

    Zhenya Tkachev "Rasputin" leaves Yat-Kha.

    The Yat-Kha group announces that Zhenya Tkachev "Rasputin" has officially left the group and thanks him for many years of cooperation! We also like to wished him good luck in his solo work!
  • 11/27/18

    Happy Birthday, Albert Kuvezin!

    Few people woke up this morning and thought with delight that, precisely today, some years ago, an event occurred that affected the history of world music. But it happened. And affected. It is precisely today that the birthday of a person is being said that “There are two unique voices on earth, and they belong to Pavarotti and Kuvezin. (the quote is certainly hackneyed, but, nevertheless, correct and accurately reflecting the essence of the phenomenon). Happy Birthday, Albert Budachievich !!! Many years of life and work !!! We wich you this Mighty Siberian Health, to carry it with...
  • 10/12/18

    New concert dates for October 2018

    Will see you at the shows!!!

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  • 2/26/19 − Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia (Art Pub)
  • 2/27/19 − St. Petersburg, Russia (Concert Hall "Aurora")
  • 3/1/19 − Moscow, Russia ("The Glass of Zyuzino")

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