• 11/28/17

    Today is the birthday of the esteemed and world-famous Albert Kuvezin

    He was born and we all listen to him now with a stopping breathing!   Today is the birthday of the remarkably amazing and amazingly talented leader of the Yat-Kha group and lot of successful projects, unique in many ways - Albert Kuvezin. In this wonderful day you can and should wish long happy years ahead to even more surprise us with wonderful music, good health to shock us with new cool concerts, even more friends around the world and even more sincere love of fans.   Hooray, comrades, hooray !!!
  • 10/15/17

    Changes in the concert schedule

    Unfortunately, for reasons beyond the control of the group, a concert in Nizhny Novgorod on (November 30, 2017) is canceled. We really believe that we will definitely be able to play in this beautiful city, but for now - follow the news.
  • 9/5/17

    New dates for upcoming performances for autumn-winter 2017

    In the "Performances" section, new dates for upcoming concerts in Russia and Europe are available for autumn-winter 2017. As usual, changes and updates are possible, as well as additions and new dates-follow the news. We are waiting for you at our concerts!
  • 2/15/17

    Great anniversaty of Opycham!!!

    Hurrah-Hurrah! Today we congratulate with all of our powers (and even a little bit more stronger) superdrummer, leader of the percussion work, philosophic sage and wise observer of life, Eugene "Oldman Rasputin" Tkachev with the anniversary !!! We wish that your heart is still many years hammering as smoothly and powerfully like your drums, that the sky and space for many years gave you new ideas to the delight of the audience. Thank you for the music!
  • 1/26/17

    Anniversary Russian Tour 2017 concerts

    Hooray! Great news for all fans of the group - the group goes to the Russian tour, timed to the 60th anniversary of Eugenia "Rasputin" Tkachev. Timetable is published on the band's website in the "Presentations" and social networks. You are waiting for the good old hits and new songs. See you at the concerts!

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  • 9/9/17 − St. Petersburg (Festival "Parts of the World", Yusupov Gardens.)
  • 11/28/17 − Saratov, Russia ("Machine Head" Club)
  • 11/29/17 − Penza, Russia (Art Club "The Lamp Head")

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