• 2/15/17

    Great anniversaty of Opycham!!!

    Hurrah-Hurrah! Today we congratulate with all of our powers (and even a little bit more stronger) superdrummer, leader of the percussion work, philosophic sage and wise observer of life, Eugene "Oldman Rasputin" Tkachev with the anniversary !!! We wish that your heart is still many years hammering as smoothly and powerfully like your drums, that the sky and space for many years gave you new ideas to the delight of the audience. Thank you for the music!
  • 1/26/17

    Anniversary Russian Tour 2017 concerts

    Hooray! Great news for all fans of the group - the group goes to the Russian tour, timed to the 60th anniversary of Eugenia "Rasputin" Tkachev. Timetable is published on the band's website in the "Presentations" and social networks. You are waiting for the good old hits and new songs. See you at the concerts!
  • 11/27/16

    Happy birthday, Albert Kuvezin!

    Today, with the birthday wishes of the founder of the group, the most powerful voice of Tuva and Siberia, and one of two of these true voices of whole World. Masteк and Poet and wonderful person Albert Kuvezin! We want even more years of successful life, good health, even more friends and fans around. Happy Birthday!
  • 2/19/16

    Clarifications regarding Siberian Mini Tour (date, location, start time). Thanks Eugene and Bolot for information.

    Look at the "Gigs" section сlarifications regarding Siberian Mini Tour (date, location, start time). Thanks Eugene and Bolot for information.
  • 2/15/16

    Happy Birthday Eugene "Rasputin" Tkachev! HOORAY!!!

    Today we congratulate Happy Birthday creator and keeper of the mighty pulse of Yat-Kha music, a man talking to the mountains and the sky, the stranger and the creator Eugene "Rasputin" Tkachev. Of course we wish all the best wishes that only the mind, heart and soul can imagine. More courage for many years and performances, even more new and exciting projects and ideas, of course Mighty Siberian Health for all. Hurrah comrades!!!

New video



  • 2/18/17 − Kyzyl. Tuva. Russia (Tuva State Philharmonic)
  • 2/19/17 − Abakan, Khakassia, Russia (DK "Pobeda")
  • 2/22/17 − Barnaul, Altay, Russia (Concert Hall "Siberia")

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