• 8/2/19

    Ura-Ura! We have announcements of performances in the fall of 2019

    Ura-Ura! We have announcements of performances in the fall of 2019: 02.10.19 Germany, Frankfurt/Main, The Cave rockclub 04.10.19 Germany, Oberhausen, AKA 103 cafe 05.10.19 Germany, Sommerda, Thuringen, Schloss Kannawurf 06.10.19 Germany, Berlin, Maschinenhaus Kulturbrauerei 07.10.19 Germany, Augsburg, Mittelstetter Muhle 09.10.19 Czech Republic, Prague, Palaс Akropolis 12.10.19 Poland, Poznan, Dragon Social Club 13.10.19 Poland, Wroclaw, Stary Klasztor pub
  • 2/25/19

    The tricks and secrets of touring life. Part 1 - culinary.

    And why do you think the performances of the Yat-Kha group are filled with such a powerful energy, where do the musicians get their strength from for this? One of the secrets - proper nutrition.   The Yat-Ha group takes such particles of Tuva on the road.   Tasty, useful, real Tuvinian food!
  • 2/13/19

    New concert dates.

    Hello to all! We have new concert dates, so hurry up to schedule time and buy tickets. 02.26.2019, 8.00 pm - Art Pub, Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia 02.27.2019, 8.00 pm - Concert Hall "Aurora", St. Petersburg, Russia 03.01.2019, 8.00 pm - "The Glass of Zyuzino", Moscow, Russia 02.03.2019, 10.00 - Jazz Club "EverJazz", Ekaterinburg, Russia Come necessarily, we will be glad to see you at our performances.
  • 2/5/19

    Shagaa Bile! Happy New Year, friends!

    Shagaa Bile! The group Yat-Kha congratulates all our friends and those who walking past with the coming New Year in the Eastern Calendar! We wish you more good news, more clean thoughts, even more good music and pleasant emotions!
  • 1/28/19

    Zhenya Tkachev "Rasputin" leaves Yat-Kha.

    The Yat-Kha group announces that Zhenya Tkachev "Rasputin" has officially left the group and thanks him for many years of cooperation! We also like to wished him good luck in his solo work!

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  • 10/2/19 − Germany, Frankfurt/Main (The Cave rockclub)
  • 10/4/19 − Germany, Oberhausen (AKA 103 cafe)
  • 10/5/19 − Germany, Sommerda, Thuringen (Schloss Kannawurf)

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