• 10/12/18

    New concert dates for October 2018

    Will see you at the shows!!!
  • 4/27/18

    A new song from Amorphis with Albert Kuvezin's voice

    On YouTube appeared a video of the new song of the group Amorphis "The Bee" from the new record "Queen of Time" where you can hear the voice of Albert Kuvezin. It is highly recommended to listen.
  • 4/24/18

    Upcoming Summer Fest and European gigs info

    Dear friends, those who are constantly or will be in Europe and Germany on the 26th and 27th of July, we inform you that the Yat-Kha band will perform on the 26th of July at the festival Burg Herzberg Festival, the performance will take place on the Freakstage from 00.45 to 02.15 (more information on the festival site) and on the 27th of July in the city of Saalekeiz (Germany). If you have a desire to invite us to play a gig somewhere else then contact us.
  • 4/20/18

    Happy Birthday Sholban and Orlan!

    Today, on this wonderful spring day, it's absolutely impossible to keep from congratulations to the wonderful, sweet, very modest, and very noticeable in the musical palette of the band Sholban Mongush. But that's not all, on the same wonderful day, probably to make it remarkable doubly, was born our good friend, a man of incredible positive attitude radiating smiles in all directions Orlan Enzak. And we do not stint on congratulations and wishes, we wish the birthday people all the most wonderful things that only happen in life, new musical achievements, as it is supposed to be the Mighty...
  • 2/15/18

    Today we congratulate on the Birthday of Eugene "Grandfather Rasputin" Tkachev!

    If suddenly someone does not remember, or even faster - does not know, on this day, we have been celebrating every year for many years with the mandatory raising of various alcohol-containing and markups, the Day of the Birth of the remarkable super-drummer of the Yat-Kha group and the bundles of other projects by Eugene "Grandfather Rasputin" Tkachev! We wish many shinig years with good health! Even more friends around, even more interesting sounding and not only projects, so that luck does not let go of your embrace and the world around revolves in the...

New video



  • 10/25/18 − Bodo, Norway (Festival Nodutgangfestivalen)
  • 10/27/18 − Hamdurg, Germany (MS Stubnitz)
  • 10/28/18 − Wlroclaw, Poand (Music Pub Stary Klasztor)

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